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James H. Leach, MBS, CPMA®
Michelle Weiss, CHONC

The Seismic Shift in Oncology Coding

The Changing Landscape

• In the realm of oncology coding, the winds of change are blowing with unprecedented strength.
• Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and a trend towards industry consolidation are reshaping the landscape.
• Both present challenges and opportunities for professionals in this field.

Oncology Coding Challenges

• As AI and other technology become increasingly integrated into healthcare, their impact on medical coding is undeniable.
• These advancements, while innovative, often stir concerns about job security among coding specialists.
• The ability of AI to automate complex tasks is rapidly transforming the expectations and requirements of the coding profession. 

Opportunity Amidst Change

• Concurrently, the healthcare industry is experiencing significant consolidation.
• This trend leads to larger entities with more standardized processes, potentially diminishing the unique role of individual coders.
• Such changes can make the field more competitive and demanding, placing a premium on specialized skills and knowledge. 
• With all these changes come the increased need for expert Oncology Coders and the decreased need for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Oncology Coders.

Becoming an Unshakable Leader in Oncology Coding

• Understanding and adapting to these changes is key.
•  The opportunity now lies in embracing this transformation, honing specialized skills, and positioning oneself as a leader in oncology coding.
• Expert Oncology Coders can not only secure their place in the industry but also pave the way for career advancement, impact, and recognition.

Mastering Oncology Coding:
The Three-Step Success Strategy

Learn the Concepts

• To excel at oncology coding, you start by learning the most important parts first.
• It's like building a strong base for what you need to know.
• By concentrating on these important elements first, learners establish a solid base, paving the way for advanced oncology coding understanding and practical application in real-world scenarios.

Understand How to Apply the Concepts

•To truly understand oncology coding concepts, it's important to test your knowledge and review areas that are challenging.
•This step involves taking quizzes or doing exercises that show what you've learned and where you might need more help.
• By reviewing the parts you don't fully understand, you get a chance to deepen your understanding.
• This process ensures that you're not just memorizing information, but are actually getting a clear and strong grasp of the key concepts.

Perfect Practice, Repeat  = Mastery

•The final and crucial step towards mastery in oncology coding is practicing by applying the learned concepts to real-world scenarios, examples, and situations.
• The challenge in this phase is that many of these scenarios don't have straightforward answers.
It's essential to practice with materials that provide the correct answers for reference.

This way, you can compare your solutions and understand where you need improvement. Following the principle of 'perfect practice and repeat,' you reinforce the right knowledge and skills, gradually moving towards mastery. This method ensures that you are not just practicing, but practicing perfectly, solidifying your understanding and proficiency in oncology coding.


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Course Instructors

James H. Leach, MBS, CPMA®

For over 20 years, Jim has been educating Oncologists on proper documentation in alignment with current guidelines.

He guides Oncologists to grasp accurate coding methods, ensuring they receive appropriate reimbursement for their services.

Additionally, our programs offer an extra advantage—many providers discover substantial time savings through our approach.

Michelle Weiss, CHONC

Michelle Weiss possesses over two decades of expertise in oncology management and consulting, catering to private practice physicians, outpatient hospital facilities, and pharmaceutical clients. With her extensive background, she excels in evaluating practice operations and identifying avenues for growth.

Michelle introduces strategic and tactical solutions that not only enhance overall performance but also boost revenues significantly.

Her wealth of experience uniquely positions her to assist oncologists in optimizing their practices and achieving sustainable financial success.


What's Included

Learn the Concepts

  • ​Short Proven Video Lessons: Our Experts teach you what you need to know in this 4 module course
  • Online, On Demand, Self Paced: You are in charge, you set your own schedule

Verify Your Understanding

  • ​Real world scenarios: Taken from real world situations and questions
  • Self Assessments: Verify that you understand the concepts

Quick Reference Tools

  • Necessary code info on one webpage
  • EM Pocket Card and Wall Chart:  Determine code levels at a glance

Additional Course Information​

Course Curriculum

Explore our in-depth curriculum that covers every aspect of oncology coding. From the basics of coding principles to advanced techniques in dealing with complex cases, each module is designed to build your expertise. Our Module Breakdown is as follows:

Detailed Course Curriculum

Getting Started

Welcome to the Course
How to Navigate the Course Material
Setting Up for Success: Tips and Best Practices
Accessing Oncology CodingToday Resources

Module 1: Introduction

Course Recommendations: Maximizing Your Learning Experience
Understanding the Roles: Coder, Biller, & Manager
Introduction to the Presenter and Overview of the Course
Overview of the Oncology Coding System: Fundamentals and Framework
Module 1 Assessment: Test your understanding and solidify your learning

Module 2: E/M Coding

In-depth Exploration of E/M Coding Principles and Practices
Navigating E/M Coding Based on Time Factors
E/M Coding for Hospital Settings: Specifics and Scenarios
Module 2 Assessment: Apply your knowledge in practical E/M coding situations

Module 3: Infusion Coding and Billing Drugs

Comprehensive Guide to Infusion Coding in Oncology
Applying Modifier -25 in Infusions and E/M Scenarios
Best Practices for Billing Drugs in the Oncology Outpatient Setting
Module 3 Assessment: Challenge yourself with real-world infusion coding cases

Module 4: ICD-10

ICD-10 Part 1: Focus on Radiation and Medical Oncology Coding
ICD-10 Part 2: Hematology/Oncology Coding Techniques and Challenges
Module 4 Assessment: Demonstrate your mastery of ICD-10 in Oncology

Support and Community

Join our supportive community of oncology coding professionals as part of the Certification Course. Gain access to our expert instructors for personalized guidance and connect with fellow learners through our interactive forums.​

Certification Details

​Upon completing our course, you'll receive a recognized Certification in Oncology Coding, showcasing your expertise and commitment to excellence in the field.  Below are some examples of how such a certification can be advantageous:

1. Demonstrates Specialized Knowledge
A certification in oncology coding showcases an individual's commitment to understanding the complexities of oncology codes, treatments, and billing procedures. It indicates a specialized level of knowledge that goes beyond general medical coding, making the coder more valuable to employers in the healthcare sector, especially those focusing on cancer treatment.

2. Enhances Job Opportunities
With a certification, coders can stand out in the job market. It opens doors to new opportunities, particularly in hospitals, specialty clinics, research institutions, and private practices focusing on oncology. Certified coders are often preferred by employers for their proven expertise in the field, leading to more job offers and career advancement options.

3. Supports Career Advancement
Certification can be a key factor in career growth. Certified oncology coders may find it easier to move into senior coding positions, management roles, or become consultants for oncology practices. This recognition of their specialized skills can lead to leadership roles within the coding and billing departments.

4. Commands Higher Salaries
Specialized certifications, like those in oncology coding, often command higher salaries due to the specific expertise and increased responsibilities that come with the role. Employers are willing to pay more for coders who bring a high level of proficiency and can navigate the nuances of oncology coding, reducing billing errors and maximizing reimbursement.

5. Ensures Compliance and Reduces Errors
Oncology coding is intricate, with specific codes for different types of cancers, treatment modalities, and procedures. Certification trains coders to accurately apply these codes, which is crucial for compliance with healthcare regulations and insurance requirements. This reduces the risk of billing errors, denials, and audits, saving the healthcare provider time and money.

6. Keeps Skills Current
The field of medical coding, especially in specialties like oncology, is constantly evolving with new treatments, technologies, and coding updates. Certification programs require coders to continue their education and stay current with these changes, ensuring they are always up to date with the latest coding practices and regulations.

7. Builds Professional Credibility
Having a certification adds to a professional's credibility. It signals to colleagues, employers, and the industry at large that the coder is dedicated to their profession and committed to maintaining a high standard of knowledge and ethics. This can enhance the coder's reputation in the professional community, leading to networking opportunities and professional recognition.

8. Fosters Confidence and Job Satisfaction
Certification can increase a coder's confidence in their skills and abilities, leading to greater job satisfaction. Knowing they possess a deep understanding of oncology coding can make coders more confident in their work, contributing to a more positive work environment.

Flexible Learning Options

Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, with 24/7 access to course materials from any device. Our flexible learning environment is designed to fit into your busy schedule seamlessly.

Continuing Education

To ensure that our certified oncology coders remain at the forefront of industry standards and best practices, we are committed to offering continuing education opportunities. These courses are specifically designed to help maintain your oncology coding certification and will be available each fall.

This annual offering ensures that you have access to the most current information, techniques, and regulatory changes affecting oncology coding. Staying updated through these continuing education courses not only helps in maintaining your certification but also enhances your professional development and keeps your skills sharp and relevant in the ever-evolving field of healthcare coding.

Stay tuned for our fall schedule and keep your expertise in oncology coding up-to-date.


We are excited to offer our comprehensive "Coding Essentials For Oncology Coders Digital Certification Course" at a special introductory price for those ready to advance their careers in oncology coding. Here's what you need to know about our pricing and payment options:

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What's Included: This one-time fee includes everything you need to excel in oncology coding.

• Full access to the digital certification course.
• Comprehensive assessments to test and solidify your understanding.
• The certification exam to validate your expertise.
• Membership in our exclusive support community.
• Direct access to instructors for personalized guidance.
• A subscription to for invaluable coding resources.
• The E/M Pocket Card and Wall Chart for quick reference.


​Q: How does this course prepare me for the current and future demands of the oncology coding profession?
A: By focusing on the latest trends, technological advancements, and industry changes, the course prepares you for both current and future demands of the oncology coding profession. It emphasizes the importance of specialized skills, adaptability, and continuous learning to ensure you stay ahead in the field and maintain a competitive edge as an oncology coder.

Q: Is this course suitable for coders at all levels of experience in oncology coding?
A: The course is designed to cater to a range of experience levels, offering foundational knowledge for those new to oncology coding as well as advanced insights and practice for experienced coders. It emphasizes building a strong base of knowledge and then advancing to more complex concepts and applications.

Q: Will the course provide resources or tools for practical application and ongoing learning?
A: Yes, the course includes various resources like real-world scenarios for practice, self-assessment tools, quick reference guides, and access to These tools are designed to support ongoing learning and practical application, helping you to continuously refine and update your coding skills.

Q: How does this course address the impact of AI and technology advancements in oncology coding?
A: The course covers the evolving role of technology, specifically AI, in oncology coding. It includes training on how to work effectively alongside these technologies, leveraging them to improve coding accuracy and efficiency while enhancing your own coding skills to remain valuable and relevant in an increasingly automated industry.

Q: What specific skills or knowledge will I gain from this course that are unique to oncology coding?
A: This course focuses on the unique aspects of oncology coding, including understanding complex oncology procedures, navigating the nuances of oncology-related diagnosis coding, and staying current with the latest coding updates specific to oncology. You'll gain expertise in applying these skills in real-world scenarios, ensuring accurate and efficient coding practices in the field of oncology.

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